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"Exponentially Increase The Number Of Articles You Can Create Without Doing Any Extra Work! New Article Spinner Software Can Take 1 Article And Magically Turn It Into Literally 100s Of Different Articles!"


You've got to see it to believe it...
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From The Desk of Brad Callen
Bryxen Software Headquarters
Carmel, Indiana


Dear IMWIshlist Member,

Once I saw a 116 pound woman lift a 4,300 pound Chevy Suburban with one bare hand!

   You're thinking her baby was trapped under it, right? Or it had fallen on her? Nope, her body wasn't pumping adrenaline by the quart. She didn't use "The Force". She wasn't built like Chyna from the WWE. She was relaxed, calm and systematic. 

   Now I'm not saying she was in the best mood in the world... but she never had a doubt she would lift that SUV straight up off the ground. And she did. How? She remembered what Archimedes said 2295 years ago...

He said, "Give me a place to stand and, with a lever, I will move the whole world."

   Of course the woman used a jack.  A jack is just one way to put leverage to work for you. There are many ways. In fact, she used leverage again.  She used the tire iron to break each of the lug nuts loose. Her tire iron is just another lever.

   Man has been using levers for thousands of years to make his life easier... to let him do things no ordinary man could do otherwise.  So how does that apply to Internet marketing?

I'm Not Going To Sugar Coat It...

   You will be eaten alive by the big boys if you do not start using leverage. It is the only way for you to compete and have a snowball's chance of making "job quitting" money. 

   Here is what you're up against...

   The major players on the Internet have resources you only dream of. They can afford to blow $5,000 on a pay per click test just to see how their site converts. 

   They just buy all the traffic they need. 

   They keep throwing cash at Google and tweaking their sales page until it's converting like Billly Graham after chugging a 24-ounce Red Bull Energy Drink. That's the way they roll and it's a great business model IF you have deep pockets.

   Most of us do not have the cash to operate like that. We've got to "poor boy" it. And there is nothing wrong with that. BUT... the smart "poor boy" knows something about leverage. He knows the secret...

You Must Get More Targeted Traffic!

   Don't you really want more income? The key to more income on the Internet is in getting more targeted traffic to your site. More targeted traffic means you make more sales. And your stacks of "Ben Franklin's" just keep getting higher.

cash   So how does a "regular Joe" drive more targeted traffic?

   I bet you know the answer to this but if not, I'll tell you. It is through publishing quality articles related to whatever you are selling. Each of these articles has a link back to your site. 

   As people read the articles, a lot of them will click the link because they want to see who you are and what you've got. Some of those people will buy your products!

   The secret leaked out a few years ago when it became widley known as bum marketing. And it still works like crazy.  It is the best way for a new marketer to get started on a shoe string budget. 

   If you want to get waves of buyers pouring in to your site for nothing... article marketing is the only way to go.

   Now I'm not going to give a lesson in article marketing. If you are reading this, you already know all about it. If you don't, listen to a few of my friends...


"articles... drive buckets of traffic to my sites everyday."

Hey Brad,

I totally agree. 

I have hundreds of articles on goarticles.com & ezinearticles.com and they drive buckets of traffic to my sites everyday.

Mark Flavin


"articles... made a huge difference!"

Hi Brad,

I have recently started using articles to direct traffic to our website and it has made a huge difference. I am excited to use this software that will make our job so much easier! 

Thanks for making it available.

Keri Just


Leverage Your Work... Multiply Your Income!

   It's easy to say, not as easy to do, right?

   I'm not stupid. I know article writing sucks! And the truth is, it takes quite a few articles to really create Paypal swelling cash streams. So you can do what a lot of people do and "farm it out". You can outsource the work on sites like elance. Here is how that works...

   If you pay for a good writer, it will cost you so much money, you may as well drive traffic with pay per click. If you don't, what you get will either be plaigerized, broken-English or it won't even be delivered.

   It seems like the only solution is to write the darn things yourself. I faced this same problem. Then I got fed up and decided to bust out a crowbar. I put my programmers to work. 

   The same guys that developed SEO Elite and Keyword Elite were now working their tails off. I told 'em I wanted software that made writing stacks of articles as easy as falling off a log.

They didn't disappoint me. When they showed me what they had created, I knew...

Article marketing just got a whole lot easier!

Introducing... Article Spinner 1.0

Download your copy!

  • A Standalone MS Windows Desktop Application - ArticleSpinner is your own program tha runs right on your desktop so it's always there when you need it and you don't have to access the web to use it.

  • It Spins 1, 2 or 1000 Articles Article Spinner is fully configurable to work the way you work. If you are more concerned with quality, spin them one at a time... if volume is your thing, crank out 1,000 if you like.

  • Integrated, Automated Thesaurus.  Article Spinner has its own thesaurus and it's totally automatic. Select a word and it instantly looks up all the synonyms, ready for you to click the ones you want to use. (And you can choose to use the synonyms in one place or to replace every instance.)

  • Click and Drag... No Scripts To Learn.  Article Spinner is completely mouse operated so there aren't any complicated and confusing script languages to learn. It takes care of all that for you. Just click & drag.

  • Free Lifetime Upgrades - If you have invested in any of my other software, you know that I am constantly improving it. I plan on doing the same thing with ArticleSpinner. And you get every upgrade for FREE!

"Brad, Enough Talk, Let Me See It!"

   Once it is installed, you are ready to go to start working smarter, not harder. Article Spinner is all about leverage. Let me give  you a quick trip around the software...

Click the video below & Watch as you can create 1,000+ variations of 1 article!

"Brad, It Looks Great... How Much Can Article Spinner Help?"

   Article Spinner can multiply your efforts by 10X, 20X or more! Like most things in life, it depends on the effort your make. 

   If you are willing to spend 30 minutes to an hour with Article Spinner, the results will be off the hook. You will get more articles than 30 writers could write in an hour. AND the traffic that goes with them!

   That's the power of leverage. But let's look at it a little closer...

   Imagine there were 2 article marketers that started out promoting the same niche.  Let's call them Johnny Hardway and Archie Medes. 

   Each marketer commits to writing one little article a day for 30 days.  And they will submit this article to EZineArticles.com and other sites using software like Article Submitter.

   We'll assume they promote an affiliate product with a $27 commission. Everything's equal. But there is one difference.

   Archie commits to spending another 30 minutes a day letting ArticleSpinner spin his articles into a massive stack. Let's say after analyzing his articles for uniqueness, which ArticleSpinner does for him, he gets an additional 20 articles. As you've seen in the demonstration video, that is easy to do.

   So where are they at the end of 30 days? Let's figure it out...

   At the end of the month, Johnny Hardway will make $81 a day from his 30 articles, if he gets 5 clicks per article he writes and a 2% conversion rate. That is a reasonable number since he is dealing with targeted traffic. 

   Not bad for his efforts. He will be making about $30,000 per year. A lot of people who don't understand the power of leverage would be happy with that. But what about Archie Medes?

"How Does $600,000 per year sound?"

   Let's look closer at Archie Medes? He is getting 3,150 clicks per day. This is targeted traffic brought in from the 630 articles he has spread all over the net. And his DAILY sales at the same 2% conversion rate will be $1,701... over $600,000 per year!

   This leverage stuff is starting to look pretty good, isn't it?

   YOU can go from making minimum wage to the top 1% of all earners in the entire USA just by applying leverage.  

   But, don't forget, Archie had to work an extra 15 hours that month. He was rewarded with about $3,000 per hour. How does that sound?

"Ok Brad, How Much To Easily Crank Out Stacks of Articles?"

   How much for software that let's you leverage your income into the stratosphere? A whole lot less than it's worth, I'll tell you that. Imagine how different your life could be in 30 days if you just followed the same path Archie did. 

   What would YOU do with $1,701 per day? It really would change your life, wouldn't it? That is exactly why I am releasing ArticleSpinner... to change lives. And to do that, I have to make it affordable. 

   What if I told you that if you did the same thing Archie did, and got the same results, you would recover your investment in ArticleSpinner on Day 2? 

   On day 2, you should have sold $113 plus you made $54 the day before. That is a total of $167. Just one article processed by ArticleSpinner and submitted with Article Submitter should easily allow you to see the same results.

Article Spinner would be a bargain at that investment but I'm not even asking that much. Your total investment in ArticleSpnner is a miniscule $127.

   You know what... I'm going to make this even easier for you because you need the power of ArticleSpinner in your bag of tricks. If you act right now, I'm going to take another $30 off! Let's call it $97, but I may raise this at any time.

   And just in case you have ANY doubt whatsoever, let's just blow it right away...

Take 8 Weeks to Prove To Yourself How Much Easier Life Is

100% Guaranteed


"Are You Ready To Change Your Business In Under 8 weeks?"

   It CAN really happen that quickly.  And it really can be sick amounts of cash pouring into your Paypal or Clickbank account. But it will never happen if you do not click the link below. 

   Every major change in your life came down to one instant... one little decision set in motion a chain of events that altered your life forever. ArticleSpinner will be one more of those instants... but only if you click right now.


YES! "Brad, I'm ready to use ArticleSpinner and the power of leverage to blow my article marketing through the roof and start making serious cash!"

I understand that by clicking the link below:
  • I will instantly be taken to a 128 bit secure payment processor

  • I will immediately be emailed instructions on how to download my personal copy of ArticleSpinner

  • I can start spinning articles minutes from now and making cash in days

  • If I'm not satisfied, you are giving me 8 full weeks to request a full refund. 

  • The only choice is clear. I am clicking the link below and taking action to change my life right now!


Get Article Spinner Today!

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.



I know you will make the right choice. A choice to change your life in the next 30 days with the power of leverage... and ArticleSpinner. 


To Leverage & All Its Rewards,

Brad Callen Signature

Brad Callen
Bryxen Software Inc.
SEO Consultant & Internet Marketer


PS: Leveraging your time is the key to making article marketing pay off. ArticleSpinner let's you do the work of 10, 20 even 30 article writers in 1 hour. That means you get 30X the traffic and 30X the sales from the same effort. Each day you wait is ripping cash right out of your wallet. Get off the bench and get in the game. Try ArticleSpinner today.


PPS: You risk nothing and stand to gain everything. I have never released software without a 100% "No Questions Asked" Guarantee and I'm not starting today.  If you are not thrilled with Article Spinner, you get a full refund... If it is not everything I say it is, you get a full refund.This is a no-brainer so get started right away and see traffic in days!



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