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From The Desk of: Brad Callen
Tuesday, 11:19 A.M.


Dear Frustrated Website Owner,

Every day it seems you get another pile of emails in your in-box — hyping the latest thing to "make you zillions of dollars working home when ever you want". Some of these claims are so unbelievable that you can't help but laugh.

It makes you skeptical about anything internet marketing related. It makes you wonder what some marketers will do — just to try to make another fast buck.

But the good news is, not every online marketer acts this way. There are some who take a lot of professional pride in creating top-quality services, products, and software.

Hi, this is Brad Callen from Bryxen Software. I am the proud founder of critically acclaimed products like SEO Elite and Keyword Elite. I have also written a number of free online and email courses. In fact, my free course on Search Engine Optimization is considered by many to be the best free SEO guide available to the general public.

Recently I started IMWishlist, a growing resource for the online community who are looking for free and low-cost ways to grow their businesses.

Why do I offer so many great resources for free?

That's easy... it's because I love helping other people succeed. I really enjoy the emotional rush I get every time I read another email from someone who tells me that one of my products or resources has made a big difference for them — and sometimes for their family's quality of life too!

Many people who join IMWishlist, do so because they are looking for expert advice and tools to build their business — without all of the unnecessary B.S. or hype.

One of the most important parts of the IMWishlist community is the member interaction and feedback. You see, the members can tell me what topics they want to learn more about and I can gather that information — or bring an expert for that topic — and provide it for the members to use.

So what is the #1 topic that people want to know more about? Well, it's...

How To Get More Website Traffic!

The problem is, every website owner wants more traffic to their sites and most of them expect the free search engines to provide it. And that's a big mistake — the type of mistake that can devastate a business in the blink of an eye.

Relying on the search engines to send you lots of traffic has a tragic flaw — actually, make that FIVE tragic flaws...

Tragic Flaw #1: Keeping track of the search engines...

Keeping track of what the search engines want to see on your site is extremely difficult. One day, it might be keyword-rich meta tag descriptions. The next day, it might be something else entirely.

Unless you use a search engine optimization program like SEO Elite or manually track what each of the search engines are looking for on a daily basis, then you won't know how to get your web site to rank well with each of the major search engines.

Tragic Flaw #2: Knowing what is important for every search engine...

Every search engine uses different things to come up with their rankings. If Google gives a higher ranking for having one factor... then another search engine might ignore or even penalize your web site for having it!

Tragic Flaw #3: Trying to get ranked high with all of the search engines...

Most of the time when people use a search engine, they won't look past the first page of listings. If they are highly motivated to find what they are looking for, then they might look through two or three pages of listings.

But that's rare.

So unless your web site has a keyword that scores well with a search engine, then it can be very difficult to get listed on the first page.

Tragic Flaw #4: Ignoring your competitors' efforts with the search engines...

As you are trying to get more free search engine traffic to your website, you aren't alone. Every single competitor of yours is also vying for more free search engine traffic. Heck, they're trying to get top rankings for the same keywords that you do!

If you want to rank higher than your competitors than you have to prove that your site is more "worthy" and deserves to be ranked higher. (I'll explain in a few minutes how to become more "worthy".)

Tragic Flaw #5: Thinking the search engines are your friend...

This is probably the biggest fatal flaw that marketers make. Many website owners think that search engines are their friends.

Not true.

Search engines are friendly to their customers — who use their search engine. In fact, search engines value their own customers so much that any website which doesn't provide useful information could find themselves falling in rank — or be dropped from the search engine completely!

When marketers start seeing their businesses getting pummeled by these tragic flaws, many of them will begin to panic. They will start looking for answers — grasping and hanging onto any answer they can find — just to replace the traffic that they used to get from the search engines.

You see, traffic is the life force of every website. Without a steady stream of targeted traffic, many websites will see their sales start drying up. Some sites might lose so many sales that they are violently forced out of business — and it can happen in the blink of an eye.

It's sad because it doesn't have to be this way.

In fact, that's why...

Countless Marketers Are Turning To
A Tested Proven Marketing Method...

The threat of search engine traffic drying up has many marketers concerned. Every day, I get more and more emails asking me how to get more website traffic consistently — even if it doesn't come from the major search engines.

Marketers are finally looking for other ways to drive more traffic to their websites without relying on the search engines to deliver it.

But it's not just the online marketing crowd.

Lately, there has been a growing buzz among the IMWishlist community. It seems one form of online marketing is making a comeback and growing in popularity — and for some pretty good reasons.

But first, let me explain why so many marketers are coming back to using a proven marketing method to promote their online businesses after trying other traffic generating techniques...

Why Traditional Online Marketing Has Worked... Until Now!

When it comes to marketing their business, most website owners are creatures of habit. They rely on the same marketing techniques, month after month and year after year.

So what happens when some of those techniques stop working as well? Or worse, they stop working at all?

For most website owners, they experience a complete panic — what are they going to do to replace the traffic that has suddenly disappeared?

Some owners will turn to things like:

Pay Per Click (PPC): There's no question... Pay per click can be a great way to draw targeted traffic to your website — no matter what type of site you have. Your ad is shown and your account is only charged if a prospect clicks on your ad to your website.

Each PPC engine has their own pricing and how they charge for clicks.

Some Pay Per Click sites will make you prepay before turning on your PPC ads. When your pre-paid balance reaches 'zero', the PPC company charges you for the next batch of pre-paid clicks.

Some PPC don't require pre-payment... They just charge your credit card for all of your charges at once. So if you don't watch how clicks your ads are getting, you could be shocked with a very large pay per click bill.

In either case, pay-per-click can be a lot of work — especially if you don't want to lose your shirt.

You have to worry about writing online ads that will generate your targeted click-throughs. You have to monitor where your ad is being shown — there's a huge difference between how many clicks the top-listed ads get and what is left for the lower-listed ads!

You will want to keep track of where your competitors ads are listed... are they ranked higher or lower than yours?

Pay per click is a huge topic and there has been a lot of books and courses created to teach you how to use it correctly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Creating webpages that score extremely well with search engines does work. There are scores of books and resources available online on optimizing your website — including my free email course on SEO.

Of course, each search engine has their own scoring system... and what is important to a search engine like Google might not be very important to another like Yahoo.

The bad news is, unless you are using a program like SEO Elite, you have to track what each search engines wants manually. And since the search engines don't want anyone cheating or tricking them into getting a higher ranking, they change their scoring systems often — sometimes as often as weekly.

Blogging: Creating your own online blog (that's short for web long) can be a powerful marketing strategy.

Search engines love blogs because they tend to be more content-oriented and less "salesy". The problem is, what do you write about on a blog if you are selling something like dog beds?

Reciprocal links: Here's another free strategy that many webmasters use. One way to attract more traffic is to trade links with another web site. If both web sites trade links with each other, then it is referred to as a reciprocal link.

If the one web site is linked to another, but does not have a link pointing to it in return, then it's known as a non-reciprocal link.

Does it matter which type of the links you have on your site?

You bet!

If you have too many reciprocal links, then search engines may penalize your site. That's because they feel you just traded links with a lot of other web sites — just to create more incoming web links.

The problem is, no one seems to know how many reciprocal links are too many... and the search engines aren't telling!

Why The Meek Marketer Will Be Left Behind...

Now, don't get me wrong.

There's nothing wrong with relying on search engine traffic. Or using additional techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Pay Per Click, or Reciprocal Linking.

Each of these techniques — if done correctly — can deliver a lot of quality traffic.

But any marketer who relies completely on them will be left laying in the "internet dust"...

  • Pay Per Click costs will soar to record prices as more and more marketers start using it...
  • Search engines will change their scoring systems on a regular basis so no one gets an "unfair advantage". So what scores well one week... could get you dropped deep into the search engine listings the next week...
  • Blogs are the current "search engine favorite". So what happens when another technology becomes the new search engine darling? That's right — blogs could be dropped deep into the search engine listings if they lose their current popularity...
  • What types of links will you need next month to stay in the good graces of the search engines? Will it stay the same or become a new type — maybe even one that hasn't been created yet! Only the search engines know for sure... and they aren't about to tell anyone!

Doesn't this worry me at all?

Not for a minute.

You see, I have an extremely powerful advantage that most online marketers don't have. I have an extensive knowledge of what works — and what doesn't — to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to any type of website. From blogging to search engine optimization, I know what methods work best — and what doesn't.

But as powerful as this type of information might be, it's not even my biggest competitive edge...

It's my proven and incredibly strong traffic generating software.

I'm talking about the type of software that really works to drive loads of traffic to any type of website.

These pieces include search engine optimizers, power keyword researchers, tracking tools, link popularity testers, you name it. Every piece of software I had created, I test it extensively so I know how well they work.

Heck, they work so incredibly well, that two of the ones I've made publicly available — SEO Elite and Keyword Elite — have become best sellers and produced over 500 happy customer testimonials.

With this type of competitive edge, I know I could replace any traffic source whenever I wanted. Unlike some marketers, I don't have to wait months for new streams of traffic. I literally can create tons of new targeted traffic...

... Virtually on demand!

What If You Could Get Your Hands On
Those Tools For Your Own Business?

Think about it:

  • No need to create them all from scratch, on your own...

  • No need for learning any new marketing skills...

  • No need to test and tweak them, taking your focus away from doing what you love to do...

  • No need to spend tons of money and waste lots of time trying them all out, guessing which ones will work for you. (Think of how much time and money you would save! All the grunt work and guesswork have already been done for you.)

Why is this important?

Because if you're like me, then you want to do what you do best. And that's building your own online empire. It's not writing software, spending all your time trying to learn new ways to get targeted traffic or looking for new sources of traffic.

Well, I have decided to reveal another one of my secret traffic generating weapons...


"Article Submitter"

My "Easy as 1-2-3" Article Submission
Software That's Perfect For Your Needs!

When I decided to have "Article Submitter" created, I didn't know what features it needed. I knew I wanted a powerful tool to help grow my own business, but I also wanted it to help other people too.

I wanted it to have a huge database of article directories where people could submit their articles. So I had it built with the very best directories to choose from.

I like using programs that are easy to use without needing to read the instruction manual. So I had Article Submitter built with an incredibly easy to use interface — you can literally sit down and start using it right away without reading any instruction manuals or help files (but don't worry, I've included them if you ever want to look at them!)

In other words, "Article Submitter" is as powerful as it is easy to use!

3 Reasons Why "Article Submitter" Will Be Your Top Marketing Gun...

Does Article Marketing work?


Article marketing is finally being recognized as one of the best ways to get free website traffic. The truth is, getting free website traffic isn't the only benefit you gain with Article Marketing.

When you submit your article to an article directory, three things start to happen...

First, you get new inbound links to your website from the article directory. And since the major search engines visit these directories frequently to index fresh new content, your website gets listed much faster.

Second, you gain another incoming — also known as a non-reciprocal — link to your site. Search engines love seeing lots of non-reciprocal links to a website — it means that website usually contains more content — and is more likely to contain the information the search engines are trying to provide their customers.

Third, other marketers may decide to use your article for their own business. It may be part of an Adsense website... or a free weekly ezine they mail out... or even an affiliate program that sells products like yours. As long as your author bio or resource box is left intact, then you will get hundreds — perhaps even thousands — of new prospects alerted about your site!

Of course, when you decide to do article marketing, there are two ways to submit them. You can submit your articles manually at each article directory you can find or...

You can use "Article Submitter" to submit your articles automatically!

When I was creating "Article Submitter", there were thousands of free online article directories to choose from. So, I carefully picked the best ones: Over 700 of them.

I put them together in "Article Submitter" where you can easily access them. Simply set up your article in text or HTML format (or you can do both)... enter your contact information... pick the article directory site you want to submit your article to... and you're ready to go!

It's that easy.

Why is this important?

  • You don’t have to take the time to find directories, because I’ve already done it for you.
  • You don’t need to spend any of your hard-earned money on programmers to build your own article submission tool because I’ve already spent my own money and a lot of time to test every part of "Article Submitter". Everything is 100% proven!
  • You can focus on doing what you really love: running and growing your own internet empire (rather than the rigors of researching and submitting to web directories, trying to figure out where your next traffic source is coming from.)

This is what you will gain from "Article Submitter". But if you want to know what exactly you get with your copy, then here are...

11 Reasons Why You Will Absolutely Love "Article Submitter"...

Effortlessly submit your articles to over 700 directories...
No monthly fees to use...
Build new streams of traffic to your websites...
Unlimited site license — use "Article Submitter" to promote as many of your sites as you want!
Remembers all of your article information — simply enter it once and you never have to enter it again...
Create more one-way links to your website and boost your website rankings...
Tap into new marketing sources as other ezine magazines publish your articles...
Unleash a raging river of targeted traffic to your site...
See More Targeted Prospects Drawn Into Your Marketing Funnel... Great For Building Your Email Lists!
Attract new affiliates as Adsense publishers and affiliate marketers discover your articles...
Become one of the Search Engines "Favorite Sites"... You Won't Have To Worry About Your Site Getting Dropped!

How To Avoid The #1 Life-Devastating Reason
Why So Many Online Businesses Fail...

When I hear that so many online businesses fail, it makes me sad. It doesn't have to be that way — because the solution is so easy to master.

It's quite simply actually. Just take charge of your own marketing... learn how to take the right action — most of the time — and you will start forming the targeted streams of traffic flooding into your website that many failing business owners never bother to develop.

Having the right marketing is wildly magnetic. When you have it, opportunity will start looking for you and will knock on your door!

The secrets of successful marketing will help you transform your business from a part-time hobby — or worse, a 24 hour per day job that never seems to go away — to an ultra productive profit generator that you love.

How do you create your own successful marketing?

Well, you need to use multiple marketing weapons. While almost marketer has heard of techniques like Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization, most don't use Article Marketing — one of the most powerfully targeted traffic generating tools they could use.

Why is it so powerful?

First, every search engine loves topic related links. This is exactly what "Article Submitter" can give you. By getting more links in the most popular — and relevant — article submission sites, you can't help but get a higher ranking with the search engines.

Links can literally make or break your chances of ranking well in the search engines. If you don't have them, then you have little chance of getting that elusive page one ranking with any of the major search engines.

Articles can increase your professional credibility. Ezine publishers can use your article — with your own resource box containing your name and contact information — as content in their own newsletters.

Marketers who like creating content-heavy websites that contain commission based links like Adsense or Amazon.com will love your articles... it's fresh, relevant content that they didn't have to create or hire someone else to write.

Now if you want to add more one-way links pointing to your site, you can do either article marketing or start submitting to web directories. Personally, I enjoy the feeling of creating and writing a new article — so article marketing is enjoyable for me.

And thanks to "Article Submitter" you can submit your article in mere minutes to hundreds of the best web directories!

What Kind of Money Have I Spent To Create
My Own Article Submission Software?

I’ve spent years studying and learning how to drive traffic to my websites.

I have studied every industry expert — including the ones no one else has ever heard of — just to develop my skills as a traffic generation specialist.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars building and testing my software just to create my own raging river of targeted web traffic.

Why Then Would I Sell Something
As Valuable As "Article Submitter"?

When I see how many internet marketers struggle to earn a living online, it makes me sad. It doesn’t have to be this way, yet many successful online business owners don’t offer much help beyond generic statements like “Do More Email Marketing”.

Let’s face it: I’m an already established online business owner with multiple top-selling products. Chances are, you don’t have a product that would compete with one of mine. So it’s not like I have to worry about you using my software to try to steal website traffic from me.

The truth is, like most successful entrepreneurs, I love helping people. And offering something as valuable as "Article Submitter" is another way I can help my fellow website owners do what they love: tell more people about what their website has to offer.

I'd Like To Make You An Offer That You Can't Refuse...

I'm literally going to bend over backwards to make "Article Submitter" as affordable as possible for everyone.

Option 1: "Dinner and Two Tickets To the Movies"

You can grab the full-featured "Article Submitter" Gold with over 680 article submission sites built-in for the steal of a deal price of $67. You will also get free software updates as they become available.

Simply use this software to generate more traffic for just one of your websites and it will pay for itself many times over. Grab "Article Submitter" Gold

But if you truly can not afford this software, then please don't skip buying groceries or paying one of your utility bills. Just choose Option 2 instead.

Option 2: "Heading To Your Parent's House For Dinner and Free Cable TV"

You can grab the standard version of "Article Submitter" with 110 submission sites built-in for free. Try the standard version on any of your websites. Get a feel for how user-friendly the software can be. You can upgrade to the "Article Submitter" Gold version whenever you are ready. Grab "Article Submitter" Standard

"Brad, Can Your Software Really
Make a Major Difference For Me?"


For starters, it's a proven marketing method. There are no fancy theories with no practical results... that would be a complete waste of your time and mine.

Article marketing is one of the easiest — and most powerful — ways you can attract more targeted traffic to your website. Due to my years of study and professional experience, I'm going to give you the tool you need to produce more targeted traffic to your websites.

Best of all, article marketing is 100% scientifically proven, which means it's repeatable for every person. Once you use "Article Submitter", you will want to use it to produce more targeted traffic to as many of your websites as you want, over and over again. You'll be like a business success factory — turning out websites that produce great results with shocking regularity!

I Believe In "Article Submitter" So Much That I'll Take All
of the Risk Off of Your Shoulders and Place It Completely on Mine...

I'm going to make every effort to help you change the way you market your online business — so you can finally have the kind of success you've dreamt about. But I don't want you to be worried about the money you spent. So I will promise you this:

100% Iron Clad, No B.S. Money Back Guarantee

This power-packed software uses the professional techniques of a traffic generation expert, Brad Callen. The type of techniques that are only gained from countless years of experience testing and perfecting them.

Simply stated, I know there isn't another product available like "Article Submitter". In fact, that's why I am not afraid to offer you a 56 day, 100% unconditional, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

Take up to 8 full weeks to use "Article Submitter" and make an honest, fair effort at improving your own business. If you don't feel this program was worth every penny, simply email me and I'll promptly refund your money.

Fair enough?


Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your internet business. Every online marketer deserves the opportunity to realize their full business potential. The bottom line is you really owe it to yourself to get started on this today and not delay another minute.

Some of the traffic generation techniques might seem so simple and easy... but are so powerful that you'll never think the same way about your online business ever. Like me, I'm sure your level of success will improve as you use my software over and over.

Don't you think it's time to move up a level — instead of staying stuck on that same old struggling internet marketing plateau again?

By using "Article Submitter", your new and improved river of targeted traffic will finally help you enjoy the full-time profitable internet empire of your dreams!

Yes Brad! I Want To Improve My Website Traffic Right Now. Give Me Access Immediately to "Article Submitter"!

I understand that I'll get instant access to "Article Submitter" — even if it's 3 in the morning!

I'll tap into your years of internet marketing and traffic generating expertise. I'll get access to one of your favorite traffic generating tools that helped you build your ultra-successful internet business!

I understand I will have a full 56 days to review "Article Submitter". If I am not 100% delighted with this powerful program, I understand I can contact you for a prompt refund with no questions asked.

(All Orders Are Processed On A 100% Secure Server)

Get Article Submitter Gold for only $67!


To your future success,

P.S. If you're ready to take your online business from struggling financially to a profitable full-time internet empire, then you need to grab "Article Submitter" right now. Article marketing is very powerful. Why not start using it to its fullest ability... if you do, you will start enjoying higher amounts of search engine traffic quickly.

P.P.S. Worried about earning a living from your online business on a full-time basis? You won't be after you use the powerful "Article Submitter". With your higher search engine rankings, more professional credibility, and increased targeted traffic, you will start seeing your website's sales gradually climb too. Don't wait! Grab your copy of "Article Submitter" now!